Top 5 Holiday Hostess Savers

In a few mere weeks, I’ll open my door to lots of family from four states (Arizona! Kansas! Missouri! Texas!) ready for a big Thanksgiving celebration. From years of hosting gatherings like this, I’ve learned that having the right items on-hand is a must to make the day unfold both seamlessly and stylishly. Here are five handy helpers you can quickly order online. Trust me, they’ll save the day…and your sanity.  Continue reading

Double-Duty Pumpkin Pleasers

While friends around me are channeling their inner Munsters and focused on All Hallow’s Eve, I’m hunting for pumpkin decor that works for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. Why? Because double-duty decor saves time and makes smart money sense. Continue reading

What’s the Buzz on Honey? (Hint–It’s Sweet!)

When it comes to honey, my family is a bunch of willy, nilly, silly old bears. As a kid, I remember Dad happily tending to his bee hives (a hobby I still believe got started so he could wear the bee-keepers suit). Continue reading

Contain Yourself–It’s Back-to-School



When I was a kid, I almost always took my lunch to school. Between the mystery meat and puzzling menu match-ups (my sister is still wonders why pizza always came with a side of canned corn), it was the only way to survive. Continue reading

Achin’ for Bacon

Last night, I realized that my love of cooking -and eating- is pretty much wrapped up in bacon.

Continue reading

Practically Perfect Porch Living

Max Kim-Bee,

Max Kim-Bee,

Here in Texas, we spend a lot of time outdoors so a great patio, porch or deck is a must. And, guess what?  Hanging around outdoors is more than a Texas thing. According to a survey by the Hearth, Patio & Barbeque Association, homebuilders from coast-to-coast list a deck among the top three features most requested by new home buyers. Continue reading

5 Things Every Cool Cook Needs

Recently, I fell into a mealtime malaise. The thrill was gone, the joy was lost. Visions of pricey take-out loomed large. Then I stumbled across these quirky finds that serve up the perfect mix of form, function and fun.  Continue reading