Stylish Summer Fun for Kids Only!

Land of Nod, Uncommon Goods, Gardeners Supply, Pottery Barn Kids

Land of Nod, Uncommon Goods, Gardeners Supply, Pottery Barn Kids

As summer break nears, kids are excited and parents are anxious about how keep their offspring occupied with something more than a tv remote. If that’s you, here are five ways to help your kids get -and stay- busy all summer long while also teaching them a thing or two about style. Continue reading

This Spring, Take a Walk on the Dark Side with Fashion Florals

Pottery Barn, Barney's, Canopy Designs, Gucci

Pottery Barn, Barney’s, Canopy Designs, Gucci

Flower power is back in a deliciously dark way. Paired with black, these blooms strut their stuff with runway style inspired by the spring collections of Gucci (shown above), Oscar de la Renta, Burberry, Versace and more. The look is fresh and froufrou-free with a dash of gothic romance mixed in for good measure and dramatic effect. Continue reading

Chic-er by the Dozen–12 Exquisite Eggs for Easter and Beyond

#1 JPEG Egg collage

Easter and eggs go hand-in-hand. Each year, we dip, dye and hunt them with childlike glee. But this Spring, eggs are breaking with tradition and leaving their one-day glory story behind. Inspired by the organic shape of this simple orb, designers are whipping up an impressive range of furnishings that elevate the lowly egg to high style status. Here are 12 exquisite egg designs that’ll give your home egg-quisite style for Easter and beyond. Continue reading

Warm Up to the Modern Fireplace

Neiman Marcus, Fern NYC, Ignis Products, Angela Adams, All Modern, BDDW

Neiman Marcus, Fern NYC, Ignis Products, Angela Adams, All Modern, BDDW

During winter, fireplaces are hot properties for obvious reasons. Now designers are turning up the heat on these traditional sources for warmth and transforming them into haute spots for contemporary style year-round.  Continue reading

C is for Creative–4 Ways to Stylishly Warm Up this Winter,,,,,,

Winter’s here and there’s no thrill to its chill. But take heart. Beating Jack Frost at his game is easy to do if you think outside the box. That’s why, alphabetically speaking, C is for “Creative” if you want to stylishly warm up this winter. Continue reading

Gadget Gifts,,,,

Christmas is coming and it’s crunch time if you want to give really cool presents. Gadget gifts -practical presents with a clever twist- are trending high this season. They’re also among the most affordable options around. Here are nine really good gadget gifts you can snap up faster than Santa can shimmy down the chimney because they’re all available online. Continue reading

Santa’s Modern Makeover,,,,,,,,

With a twinkle in his eye and a design trick or two in his bag, here comes Santa. This year’s nod to the big guy in the red suit is marvelously modern and smartly stylish; and proof that St. Nick may be old but he’s forever fashionably young.  Continue reading

B is for Bread

Erin Kunkel, The New Sugar & Spice cookbook;,,,

Erin Kunkel, The New Sugar & Spice cookbook;,,,

I come from a long line of home cooks who love to make bread. We like to mix and knead dough by hand, then wait impatiently for it to rise and bake before slicing off a big piece and slathering it with butter. In my mind, there’s nothing like a great loaf of homemade bread.  Continue reading

IKEA Pops the Cork on a Great Idea for Fall

Those clever Swedes are at it again. This month, IKEA is all about cork -one of the trendiest sustainable materials going- with their debut of the SINNERLIG collection by London-based designer Ilse Crawford. A soft, sound-dampening material once reserved for utilitarian uses like bulletin boards and floors, cork has gone cool and this is the proof.  Continue reading

A is for Apple,,,,,,

Autumn is just around the corner. Time to sink your teeth into one of Fall’s tastiest trends–apples. Whether you’re decorating or cooking, apples are ripe for the picking this year and it’s easy to see why. Apples add a refreshing touch of nature to interiors and spin the color wheel from green to ruby red; while delivering crunch and contrast (tart or sweet?!) to recipes. But if you think just any old apple that falls from the tree is spotlight-worthy, think again. The apples getting an “A” for awesome think outside the box in contemporary ways.  Continue reading