The New Look of Laminate

Don’t know who’s more excited about this trend–Mom or me. Mom’s been into laminate since the Sixties when our kitchen, like others on the block, got outfitted with a groovy laminate countertop. And although I could always see why she loved its durability and easy-care, I stayed somewhat less than impressed with laminate’s suburban mom styling. Continue reading

Silhouette Style

Silhouettes have been part of the design scene since the 1700’s when French artists began scissor-snipping profile portraits of everything in sight, from people and animals to objects and landscapes. Now this classic art form is back but with a modern twist. Continue reading

Got Milk? Make a House!

Nothing like starting the day with a “now why didn’t I think of that?” moment but such was the case when I came across this photo in a Portuguese blog this morning.

What a clever (and inexpensive) way to get kids interested in design and recycling. Continue reading

Won’t You Be My Valentine?

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and as we all know, it can be the sweetest day of the year if you plan things right.  So now’s the time to channel your inner-Cupid and focus on how to woo your honey in style. Continue reading