Top 5 Holiday Hostess Savers

In a few mere weeks, I’ll open my door to lots of family from four states (Arizona! Kansas! Missouri! Texas!) ready for a big Thanksgiving celebration. From years of hosting gatherings like this, I’ve learned that having the right items on-hand is a must to make the day unfold both seamlessly and stylishly. Here are five handy helpers you can quickly order online. Trust me, they’ll save the day…and your sanity.  Continue reading


5 All-Time Best Kitchen Labor Savers

Gabriel Kraft,

Gabriel Kraft,

What’s not to love about Labor Day when we celebrate the economic and social contributions of workers (like you and me) by doing as little labor as possible?  And why not?  We work hard and could use a break.  However, wouldn’t it be nice to nap more on our days off?  I think so.  That’s why I love time-saver tools, especially those for the kitchen.  Continue reading