Home Joins the Fan Club

Better Homes & Gardens

Beat from the heat and beyond ready for relief? Steady on. Designers have flipped the switch on a classic air circulation device, making it the most stylish thing to pair with an air conditioner since the invention of iced tea. Here are five reasons why Home has joined the fan club and you should, too. Continue reading


Gadget Gifts

fredandfriend.com, uncommongoods.com, hammacher.com

fredandfriend.com, uncommongoods.com, hammacher.com

Christmas is coming and it’s crunch time if you want to give really cool presents. Gadget gifts -practical presents with a clever twist- are trending high this season. They’re also among the most affordable options around. Here are nine really good gadget gifts you can snap up faster than Santa can shimmy down the chimney because they’re all available online. Continue reading

Pet Perfect Decor

I learned long ago that I’m anything but queen of my castle.  I’ve been totally upstaged and outvoted (8 paws to 2 hands) by Amber’s King George VI and Highview Windsor Prince Harry, aka Bertie and Harry–two cute corgies whose good looks save them from the Tower every day. Continue reading