At Home with Robert Edsel of The Monuments Men

I’ve called Dallas home for over two decades.  I’m drawn to its bigger-than-life swagger and can-do spirit.  Yet, much as I adore this city’s focus on the future, I’ve also lamented its tendency to replace the old with new faster than you can say, “How do I get to Neiman Marcus from here?” Although I like shiny, bright as much as the next person, there’s much to be said for homes with history because of the stories they tell and the design integrity they reveal.  Continue reading


It’s My Birthday, I’ll Decorate If I Want To…

Yes, today’s my birthday and you know what that means.  I’m queen for a day, if only in my mind.  While pondering my vast kingdom (a 9′ x 11′ office) and looking upon my semi-loyal subjects (Harry and Bertie, two corgis with attitude), I decided to devote a few minutes to what I love best–shopping for the decor of my dreams. Continue reading