8 Fast Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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First impressions count, whether you’re selling your home or in the one of your dreams.  Designers call it “curb appeal” and it’s something you can score -fast and affordably- with stylish tweaks like these. Continue reading

Stylishly Sensible—Decorative Doormats

Gardeners Supply, Anthropologie, Garnet Hill, Improvements Catalog, Ballard Designs

Gardeners Supply, Anthropologie, Garnet Hill, Improvements Catalog, Ballard Designs

A few years ago, British’s Queen Elizabeth II had something unexpected at the top of her Christmas list—a new doormat. Practically speaking, this makes perfect sense. We should all protect our floors whether our home is as big as Buckingham or as tiny as a tin can. This year, designers are making that easy to do with durable doormats that’ll weather whatever comes their way with stylish aplomb.  Continue reading

4 Stylish Ways to Warm Up Fast

#1 JPEG Snow scene outside window

Carla Jordan

Snow scenes like this one outside my window are more rare here in Texas than in Kansas City where I grew up.  But right now, despite my long-time Lone Star status, winter has its icy grip on me, myself and I.  Like you, I’m looking for ways to keep warm while waiting for the Polar Vortex (such a dramatic name!) to take its leave.  However, I’ve found that there’s no need to give style the boot while donning my boots and dressing my home in its frigid weather-fighting best.  Here’s how to make haute and heat to meet in ways that’ll warm your stylish senses.  Continue reading

Modern Christmas Stockings



Hanging Christmas stockings from the mantel is something most of us have done since childhood. Even now as grown-ups, all of our family (including Mom, Dad and, of course, my corgis, Harry and Bertie) still wrap up Christmas Eve by setting our socks out in the hope that Santa will fill them.

While our Christmas Eve habits haven’t changed, Christmas stocking designs have.  In the style spotlight now are socks with a distinctly modern flair. Continue reading

Sleeping Beauties

We spend nearly one-third of our lives sleeping so it seems to me we should snooze in style. And what could be better than to fling open the doors to your boudoir, then dive onto a bed that’s pretty, cozy and oh-so-inviting? Continue reading