IKEA Pops the Cork on a Great Idea for Fall


Those clever Swedes are at it again. This month, IKEA is all about cork -one of the trendiest sustainable materials going- with their debut of the SINNERLIG collection by London-based designer Ilse Crawford. A soft, sound-dampening material once reserved for utilitarian uses like bulletin boards and floors, cork has gone cool and this is the proof.  Continue reading

It’s My Birthday, I’ll Decorate If I Want To…

Yes, today’s my birthday and you know what that means.  I’m queen for a day, if only in my mind.  While pondering my vast kingdom (a 9′ x 11′ office) and looking upon my semi-loyal subjects (Harry and Bertie, two corgis with attitude), I decided to devote a few minutes to what I love best–shopping for the decor of my dreams. Continue reading