5 Ways To Create A More Peaceful, Stress-Free Home

Soothing Home, Sharper Image, Hammacher Schlemmer

With the start of a new year, hope springs eternal even in turbulent times like these.  While solving problems like a government shut-down are beyond our individual grasp, we can transform our homes into shelters from the storm with furnishings that combine good design with clever technology to calm, nurture and relax.

Hammacher Schlemmer

Unwanted, automated phone calls now top 4 billion per month in the U.S., according to the FCC.  There are days when I think all of them come to me. So when I learned about the Robocall Blocker, I decided to test it. I’m happy to report that this little gizmo does what it says and is also easy to set up and use. The Robocall Blocker connects to any landline and is pre-installed with a database of 5,000 numbers of the most frequent spam callers and telemarketers. If a call comes through from a phone number not on the list, press the “block now” button to end the call and add the number to the database. $89.95.

Soothing Company

The Ignis Harbor fireplace creates a fast, affordable way to add the relaxing welcome of a flickering fire to any room in the house, especially small spaces. This ventless tabletop fireplace operates on liquid bio ethanol fuel (a six-liter pack of fuel is just $45.99) and is available in four finishes plus an eight-piece ceramic wood log set or pebble set. $68.00.

Sharper Image

While a towel warmer may seem like a luxury, it does more than take the chill off—it delivers a bit of spa-like zen we all can use. Unlike traditional towel warmers that are big, bulky and quite pricey, this towel warmer is sized right for a bathroom vanity, bedroom or mudroom; and is just $119.99.

Williams Sonoma

Baking and cooking are two of the most relaxing, nurturing things we can do for our families (and ourselves). Brod & Taylor’s folding proofer and slow cooker makes it easy to proof bread dough, slow-cook roasts, plus make one-pot meals and yogurt. Folds flat for storage when not in use. $154.95.


After being stranded twice with a dead battery, I went looking for a better alternative than calling a friend or flagging down a stranger for help. I found the Halo Bolt and it’s brought me true peace of mind. Not only does the Bolt jump-start a car, SUV and even a pick-up truck, it has two USB outputs for charging multiple electronic devices. There’s also an LED floodlight which has come in handy during home power outages, as well as when I’ve been on the road. And it comes in several on-trend colors and print patterns. I’m such a believer in the Halo Bolt (which I paid full price for—no freebie from the manufacturer) that I recently bought one for my parents, too. This is a device I believe every person should own. It just makes good sense.  $89.99.

Ready to make the time you spend at home more peaceful and stress-free? Furnishings like these can help.