5 Fun Christmas Gifts

Better Homes & Gardens, Uncommon Goods, Neiman Marcus, Fred and Friends, Urban Outfitters

Jam-packed social schedules. Family drama. Frantic, last minute decorating. Is it any wonder the holidays can be hard? If your ho-ho-ho is about to hit the road and leave nothing but the Grinch behind, it’s time to lighten up. Happy up with fun gifts like these.  And then pass it on.  The smiles you’ll see on Christmas Day will be all the proof you need that these are perfect presents for beneath the tree. 

Uncommon Goods

With a gentle squeeze of its paw, the Balloon Dog night light glows for 30 minutes at a time. A fetching way to illuminate any room in the house. $25.

Neiman Marcus

Cool down your Saturday night fever with Disco Ball drink tumblers that come in a retro-inspired to-go carrier. This is the way to shimmer and sip in style. $34.

Genuine Fred

Stir up some interest in cooking with Mix Stix drumstick spoons that makes it easy to get in the beat one rim shot at a time. $11.

Uncommon Goods

The durable, dishwasher-safe Tricerataco holder holds two tacos in place until hungry diners make them extinct. $12.

Urban Outfitters

This one-ounce Sriracha To-Go bottle key chain makes it easy to bring the heat anywhere, anytime (Sriracha sold separately). $8.

Will gifts like this lead to worldwide peace?  Maybe not. But if they deliver peace to even one person or one home during the stress-filled holidays, they’re worth buying.