Stylish Gifts for Gardeners

Crate & Barrel, Anthropologie, Barber’s Baskets

Winter can be especially hard on us gardeners. There’s little we can but look out our windows while snow falls and frost takes hold. That’s what makes gardening-inspired gifts like these so perfect. They’re a stylish reminder that Spring is but a few months away. That’s an idea we can dig.

Crate & Barrel

The Newbury silver centerpiece bowl resembles delicate foraged twigs but is actually crafted of sturdy nickel-plated wire that’s cut and welded by master artisans. $79.95.


Radial dinner and side plates break up the gray doldrums of Winter with vibrantly hued, tie dye-inspired blooms. Dinner plate/$48. Side plate/$38.

Crate & Barrel

Leaf bottle stoppers transform everyday bottles of beverages, cooking oils and even bubble bath into artful accent pieces. Each cork stopper is decorated with an aluminum cast finial  distinguished by heirloom detailing and a rich metallic finish. Set of 3/$19.95.

Barber’s Baskets

Made in the USA of Oregon myrtlewood and solid copper nails, this small garden trug can be used to serve bread or as a centerpiece during Winter months. Then in Spring, out to the garden it goes as a harvest basket for flowers, fruits or veg. $59.