Gadget Gifts,,,,

Christmas is coming and it’s crunch time if you want to give really cool presents. Gadget gifts -practical presents with a clever twist- are trending high this season. They’re also among the most affordable options around. Here are nine really good gadget gifts you can snap up faster than Santa can shimmy down the chimney because they’re all available online.

A tasty way to take a bite out of home improvement, the Pizza Boss 3000 pizza cutter has a laser-etched stainless blade and removeable shield for easy clean-up. $15.

For anyone who uses their cell phone as a clock or mini tv (don’t we all?), the Banana Stand will have great a-peel once they prop this smartphone stand beneath their phone. $7.50.

Hockey fans can pop the top of their favorite beverage in slap-shot style with Game Used Hockey Puck Bottle Openers (yes, that’s a mouthful). These are reclaimed National Hockey League hockey pucks converted into bottle openers, then wrapped in athletic tape and marked with the date and teams’ name. Each have a unique hologram number that can be used to verify game details online and come gift-boxed with a NHL authenticity card. $95-$125.

Disguised as a chic lipstick, the iGLAM lipstick stylus twists to reveal a screen stylus that works with any touch-screen device. Great for typing or drawing and it keeps your screen free of fingerprints. $14.

Secure items wayward items (keys, remote, iPad, wallet, etc.) with a Blue Tooth tracking tag. It comes with a free, downloadable app that converts your cell phone into a tracking device. Should the phone get misplaced, touch the alert button on the alert button on the tag and the technology reverses to locate the phone.  $40.

With a mini speaker built into the left thumb and a microphone inside the left pinkie, Call Me gloves pair wirelessly with a cell phone so the wearer can conduct calls by assuming the universal “call me” gesture. Buttons on the left cuff answer or disconnect a call. Silly as these gloves sound, they’re a unique alternative to frostbite during long winter walk phone chats. $49.95.

The Smartphone Charging Cable Pen makes perfect sense for everyone. This fully-functional ballpoint pen has a built-in cable that connects a smartphone to a computer or laptop for charging with a simple twist of the pen. It also charges iPads and tablets. $29.95.

Do your carrots need a bit taken off the sides or your cucumbers need a trim? The Close Shave vegetable peeler has got you covered. This durable little tool is made of food-safe polypropylene plastic and has a stainless blade. $8.

What I like about each of these gifts is that, in addition to performing a true function, they deliver a smile and are sized right for stocking stuffers. Get ’em fast before they’re gone.