Soap Stars

Looking for a summer hostess gift that doesn’t take much space to pack, yet packs a stylish punch? Decorative bar soaps are trending high as a witty way to make a splash in the bath of every home you visit, whether it’s for a weekend stay or a long getaway. 

Inspired by colorful slices of stone, Agate soaps (handmade in Vermont) add an amazingly realistic touch of nature. Set/8-$30.

Eco enthusiasts will get all lathered up about Hand in Hand soaps. Ethically harvested from sustainable resources. these triple-milled shea butter soaps are gentle on skin and the environment. They’re 100% vegetable-based, vegan, gluten, petrochemical and paraben free; biodegradable and Fair Trade USA certified. Set/2-$22.

Shouldn’t every king or queen of the castle have soap with a royal pedigree? Buckingham Palace soap is only available through the Royal Collection Trust, the official charity of Queen Elizabeth II. It’s fragranced with white hyacinth, embellished with the royal coat of arms and comes in a regal box. Boxed set/3-£15.95 (about $25).

Made in the USA, Gianna Rose Atelier shaped soaps are like mini sculptures and come in so many shapes, you’re bound to find one that resonates with your hostess.  Kitty lovers will find the Cat soap purr-fectly fine. Dog lovers will howl in delight when presented with this charming Pug soap. For urban chicken farmers, the Pretty Little Hen soap is egg-zactly what you need. Garden Boots soap works for those who til the soil or fashionistas who live in their wellies.  These soaps are nicely scented and come in a decorative gift box, too. $24-$28.

Soap stars each and every one, decorative soaps are unique gifts every hostess will appreciate. Even me (note to friends and family…).