Achin’ for Bacon

Last night, I realized that my love of cooking -and eating- is pretty much wrapped up in bacon.

Whether layered into an egg salad sandwich,

wrapped around Little Smokies (wouldn’t be Christmas without Cousin Shirley’s recipe!)


Jennifer Davick,

Jennifer Davick,

the unexpected garnish on a peanut truffle, bacon makes everything better. That’s why in my house, bacon is the fifth food group. Cooked up on my George Foreman grill, it’s a grease-free (well, almost) way to jump-start breakfast, rev up salads and transform dinnertime into a savory treat for the senses.

And it’s not just me. People everywhere are bringing home the bacon as never before. There are bacon-of-the-month clubs, bacon recipe contests, bacon camps (sign me up!), bacon cocktails, bacon donuts, bacon mints and even bacon decor. The “Bacon” Facebook page has over 588,000 likes.

Clearly, bacon mania is here to stay. So isn’t it time you went all in and became a baconista, too? Here’s how easy it is to do…

Grilled bacon will rock your world. The Piggyback stainless steel bacon rack holds up to eight pieces of bacon and cooks them vertically so grease drips away from the meat into a catch well (which also prevents flare-ups and makes cleaning easy). $11.99.

This limited edition Bacon olive oil combines cold-pressed 100% extra virgin oil oil with the smoky flavor of 100% real bacon and is a way to avoid saturated fat without sacrificing all things bacon. Brush it on steaks or ribs before grilling and drizzle over salad or  saute potatoes and scramble eggs with it. $15.99.

E.J. Armstrong,

E.J. Armstrong,

“Bacon 24/7” by Theresa Gilliam feeds the need for you-know-what with recipes for every hour of the day from dawn through dark, as well as sharing how to cure and smoke your own bacon. The photos in this cookbook are so gorgeous, you may be tempted to eat them. But hold tight. Instead, try the wide range of tasty recipes like pasta carbonara and apple pie with bacon struesel. Yum. $22.95.

I’ve yet to meet the man worthy of this towel’s expression (ok, there was the George Clooney thing but we all know how that turned out) so until I do, theI Love You More Than Bacon” tea towel stays in my kitchen and close to my heart. $10.00.

This is the perfect gift for bacon lovers, especially if you’re looking for a summer hostess gift. The “Awaken to Bacon” gift basket is filled to the brim with sweet and savory delights like a bacon-flavored lollipop, bacon flavored jelly beans, a chocolate/hickory smoked bacon bar and maple bacon dark/milk chocolate caramels. There’s also crunchy peppermint popcorn, butter toffee pretzels and salted caramel chocolate cookies because -try as we may- man/woman/child does not live on bacon alone. $79.99

Looking for a way to stylishly sizzle at the beach or pool? Roll out the “You Can’t Have Enough Bacon” beach towel and watch heads turn. $29.99

And, finally–in honor of the U.K. where I first tasted bacon worthy of the crown, it’s the “Keep Calm and Bacon On” iPhone case. It reminds us to post, twitter and talk about bacon every chance we get. $9.99.

International Bacon Day is on August 30th. Now’s the time to bacon up or wish you had.