Guy Gifts We Girls Want, Too

Tria Giovan,

Tria Giovan,

Guys, it’s time to shop for your wife (or girlfriend) and mom.  If you dread the mall crawl, take heart.  Here’s a place to shop you may not have considered (and from the comfort of your La-Z-Boy recliner, no less!).  It’s the “Gifts for Men” section on websites.  True, you’ll find some he-man offerings there (think beer can money banks and mustache motif bottler openers) that we, women, don’t want to see anywhere in our homes, much less beneath the Christmas tree.  However, look closer and you’ll also find a lot of cool gifts that we’d  love.  Here are my top five picks from “Gifts for Men” sections of top-notch retailers.

How cool is this?!  The Epic mobile projection keyboard projects a fixed, full-sized QWERTY keyboard pattern onto any flat and opaque surface. Typing’s nearly effortless and the device also doubles as a virtual mouse.  $150.

The Reclaimed Record table lamp may be a devil to dust but who cares?  Brooklyn-based designer Orlando Dominquez came up with the idea for this stylish spin on geometrics when he found a box of discarded records at a nearby radio station. The lamp’s base is made from a stack of vintage 45’s that form an ultra-modern vertical cylinder.  $500.

Every woman should have a Swiss Tech Bodygard (especially if you don’t have, Kevin Costner, the ultimate silver screen bodyguard, nearby).  This 7-in-1 auto emergency tool packs a lot into a very lightweight design and small size. There’s an automatic glass breaker, safety-blade seat belt cutter, sonic alarm, flashing red distress light, bright-white LED flashlight, thermometer and digital tire gauge. $25.

Girls are baseball fans, too, (go, Kansas City Royals!). This Baseball Pinball manually-operated machine has the look and feel of a night at the ballpark in days of old.  Exquisitely detailed (there are even working lights, a working scoreboard and a painted-in crowd), it’ll provide hours of fun for her…and you.

True, the rock we girls will always love best is a diamond. However, this Amethyst geode has a lot going for it, too. Cut from a 6-inch piece of quartz, it adds brilliant color and sparkle to any room.  $99.

Oh, and guys–don’t delay. Shop and order now before the Christmas rush kicks in. Good gifts like this typically sell out fast.