Ice Cold Treats Are What We Need

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I love Summer as much as the next person until August rolls around.  We’re so hot by now that my dogs are looking for the zippers to their fur coats.  Over the years, we’re tried everything under the sun for heat relief. My corgis crunch ice and dive-bomb into water spray from the hose; and I’ve gone as far as Alaska to cool down only for an unprecedented heat wave to arrive right after I did.

Still, August is what it is and to survive Summer’s last blast, creativity is a must.  So is ice.  Lots of ice and lots of things made with ice.

Here are four ways to use ice to stay stylishly cool (or at least less woefully wilted) until Fall arrives.

Matthew Garden,

Matthew Garden,

Let the Force be with you with “Ice Sabers: 30 Chilled Treats Using the Force of Your Freezer”  by Matthew Garden. With recipes like Ice Cream Clones, R2-D2ti Fruit Sundae and Chewie Chocolate Cheesecake Pops, plus four light saber ice pop molds, this cookbook is flat-out fun for both kids and adults.

Waring’s Pro Snow Cone Maker creates perfectly shaved ice from 12 ice cubes and has a fold-down snow cone holder to make it easy to serve guests.

My parents make amazing home-made ice cream. Dad’s always credited his White Mountain ice cream maker, plus, Mom’s secret recipe.  This is White Mountain’s latest version which (based on my years of faithfully eating ice cream made in their freezers), is worth every penny.

Modeled after the iconic dispenser found in 1930s soda shops, this Coca-Cola® Drink Cooler is a deep refrigerated icebox made of pressed steel and aluminum.  On wheels for easy transport, it can be used indoors or out; and plugs in to a standard electrical outlet.  This cooler is so stylish, it gives me chills.