Pool Perfect

If it’s as hot outside where you live as here in Texas, then join me in saying “thanks” to the cave people who some believe invented the first swimming pool.Granted, Fred and Barney’s pool was probably more pond than pool but it still cooled their big ol’ feet (which, when you think about it, had to be hot as heck from paddling Fred’s car along the road), delivering a break from Summer’s oven-like blast.

Whether your swimming hole is basic or waterpark-worthy, one thing’s for sure.  You’ll enjoy it more with fun toys and fab furnishings. So check these out. Each will make a splash with everyone in sight.

Handmade in Millbury, MA, by artisan Mike Bellion, the Chair Man of the Boards is fashioned from retired water skis and dense, unfinished cedar from Oregon; and includes a detachable ottoman.
Here’s a way to never let ’em see you sweat.  The  Texas Float ‘Em with Waterproof Cards and Chips is made of molded, durable polyethylene and comes with a deck of waterproof cards, lots of poker chips and a quick-dry mesh bag.

I love the popsickle hues of these Rainbow Reef Turtles that swim to their heart’s content on two AAA batteries.

Kokoon Floating Chill Lights can be set to multiple color modes, are powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery and go on/off with a remote control.

The Petite Flamenco umbrella reminds me of a frilly swim cap like the kind Esther Williams worn in her splashy Hollywood films.  This is what stylish shade is all about.