This Mother’s Day, Get Clever

Mother’s Day is nearly here, so get cracking.  Candles and books–she’s got enough of them to open a fragrance-filled book store.  This year,  think outside the box. Give Mom something to chirp about.

What mom wouldn’t chuckle first, then enjoy, Warm or Cool Face mugs? The perfect snack-time companions, these  brightly hued stoneware cups hold beverages on top and stash snacks  in a cubby below. Stylish and practical.  Set/2, $35.

The Mobile Cinema i20 Projector & Battery Pack is James (or should we say Jane?) Bond cool.  This compact, cable-free iPhone®-compatible gadget beams 50-inch projections of photos, movies and presentations against any surface and has an internal recharger. Just think of how long (and large) Mom can show your baby photos and prom pics to everyone around.  $150.

Every mom deserves the Countdown clock. It keeps track of the days (up to 999 days in advance) remaining until vacation or 33 other special occasions.  $130.