Pet Perfect Decor

I learned long ago that I’m anything but queen of my castle.  I’ve been totally upstaged and outvoted (8 paws to 2 hands) by Amber’s King George VI and Highview Windsor Prince Harry, aka Bertie and Harry–two cute corgies whose good looks save them from the Tower every day.

And I’m not alone. According to the United States Humane Society, there are over 164.6 million owned dogs and cats in this country, with 36 percent of households home to at least one dog or cat.  Clearly, we love our furry little friends and aspire to treat them right, spending $45 billion annually to cater to their every need.

Give your dashing dog or fab feline a leg (er, paw) up on Spring style with pet decor that’ll have them high-fiving and begging for more.

Designed in London, the DJ Cat Scratching pad features a record-shaped cat scratching mat with spinnable deck and poseable tone arm; and is festooned with cat smiley faces, paw prints, photos of fish-shaped cat treats and joke bank stickers (“Run DOG”).  $35

If your dog has lost his trim physique and is starting to resemble a plump footstool, you might want to invest in the Canine Treadmill.  This is a serious piece of equipment with a 1/2-1 horsepower motor, siderails to keep the dog’s attention forward; and adjustable speed, distance and incline controls.  $649.95-$999.95

After a big workout, let Fido go poolside on the Memory foam Contour Pet Lounger with molded headrest, micro twill machine washable cover (love the contrast piping!) and coordinating bone pillow.  $199