Eco Style for Earth Day and Beyond

Since its debut in 1970, Earth Day has grown into an international celebration now observed in 140 nations with street fairs, exhibits and media events that focus on the environment and how to better care for it.  Always held on April 22, this is a day to take a step to make the planet better.  So mark your calendar now. Start thinking of how to make a difference whether it’s drinking from a glass rather than a plastic water bottle or buying eco home furnishings.  To get you started, here are four ways to decorate in a more planet-friendly way.

Cool-hued Oceana Seaglass dinnerware has a unique matte finish and is made of recycled glass in the USA so extra fuel isn’t burned getting it from Timbuktu to here.

Artist Boris Bally crafts his BroadWay Armchair from recycled steel street signs. Each piece is unique and varies according to the availability of materials.

Instead of heading to landfills, used soda bottles, olive oil containers, pickle jars, wine and water bottles are mixed with cement to make Bistro Green slab countertops.

Mayan Pecan engineered wood flooring not only looks and feels amazing, it’s constructed with half as many trees as solid wood floors and faster-growing, renewable wood is used for inner piles. The flooring is made in factories that are FSC® Chain of Custody certified where mill waste is reused for energy.  It also has a water-based finish that contains no VOCs.