2 Fast-Fix Ways to Cook Eggs for Easter

Eggs and Easter go hand-in-hand.  We dye them, roll them across the lawn and perch the little pretties atop fluffy grass in baskets.  Best of all (at least to me), we eat them.  Eggs make tasty entrees, great side dishes and fluffy dessert souffles.  Got eggs on your Easter menu? Here are two egg-ceptionally fast and fashionable ways to fix and serve them.

This Microwave egg boiler ($15.50) makes the perfect hard or soft-boiled egg in 10 minutes or less and it’s dishwasher-safe for quick-clean-up.

A modern take on the classic egg cup, these Coil egg cups are such a bargain (just 95 cents each) you may catch yourself doing the happy shopper bunny hop during check-out.

Make omlettes like the pros with Lekuke’s Ovolette omelet maker ($15).  It goes in the microwave and because the Ovolette is nonstick, your omelettes will be healthier–no oil or butter is needed.

Serve some color on the side with these pretty pastel Easter egg plates ($27.95-set/4).