Time for Tea

I take tea, not coffee.  Always have, always will.  No matter the weather, I love sipping tea but especially now that sunny days are upon us (give me a shade tree, book and cup of tea!). If tea’s never been your bag (pun intended), here are some stylish tea essentials from across the pond that will change your mind the minute they land on your doorstep.

Whenever I head to London, Whittard of Chelsea is one of my first stops.  This tea merchant dates back to 1886 and their quality is top-notch whether you’re buying tea (“Summer Pudding“-yum!) or serving items like the Tea Clipper Blue Stripe 6-cup teapot ($36.50 US). This pot adds modernist flair, is easy-care (dishwasher and microwave safe) and comes with a removable filter.

www.Emma Bridgewater.co.uk

http://www.Emma Bridgewater.co.uk

Emma Bridgewater’s Polka Dot 1/2 pint jug ($29.94 US) is perfect for serving cream with tea and looks great mixed with solid or striped tabletop.

Tea with Bea’s Cottage Garden bone china cake stand ($60 US) has a pretty vintage look and is the perfect perch for cookies, cakes and sandwiches.

Mugs are just as ok for tea as traditional cups/saucers so find one you love and buy a bunch. As for me and my house (where two corgis rule the roost), Emma Smith’s Royal Corgi bone china mug ($15 US) gets two thumbs (or paws) up.

Above all, quality tea is essential and that’s where the Brits really rule.  With the exception of France’s Mariage Freres tea (“Marco Polo”-yum!), you can’t go wrong if you buy British.  I picked up a big tin of Harrod’s Easter tea ($13.47 US) when in London for the Royal wedding and it’s worth every penny.  However, if you can’t hop a plane or wait for the postman, lots of U.S. grocers now carry English tea (some Kroger’s have Whittard tea).  So does TJ Maxx/Home Goods (where you can get some real steals).

That’s it for now.  The kettle’s whistling–time for tea!