Tick, Tock–Time for a Clock

Daylight savings time is nearly here (March 10th, let the yawning begin!) so now’s the time to get ready for the big spring forward.  Sure, your iPhone tells the time just fine but wouldn’t you really rather go tick, tock with a very cool clock?

Clever wall clocks are this year’s must-have accessory, adding bits of wit and whimsy to rooms while getting us out the door on time.

Framed with a wide magnetic painted surface, the Industrial Chalkboard wall clock ($199) is perfect for a kitchen or home office and comes with three magnets and chalk.

The Whatever clock ($22) states in black and white what we dare not say (if we’re smart) to anyone but ourselves.

Channel your inner Salvador Dali with the Melting clock ($20), a surrealist take on functional art.

DIY’ers will appreciate the work British artisan Andrea Williamson puts into each Mr. Wolf cuckoo clock (£195=approximately $305). Its surface and pendulums are made of hand-knitted lambswool.  Knit one, purl two and then some…