4 Unexpected Ways to Fire Up

Warm spring days may be on our minds but face it, winter’s chill is still around.  If you long to laze by a cozy fire but lack the space or room layout for a traditional fireplace, take heart. Burning up the style scene are some very cool alternatives that deliver what you want want, where you want it. 

Aptly named, EcoSmart fireboxes (#900SS shown here) are in a class all their own.  Because they deliver heat via pre-packaged bio-ethanol burners, there’s no need for gas connections, electricity or a flue. So this firebox can be installed just about anywhere, even at the end of a kitchen island.

The WMFE1 corner fireplace is perfect for small spaces like foyers, breakfast nooks or even master bathrooms. Another vent-free option, this eco-friendly ethanol fireplace can be installed high, low or at eye level and delivers 10,000 BTU’s of heat.

The first, and only, see-thru electric fireplace of its kind, Simplifyre creates a dramatic room divider that can literally go anywhere.  No venting or gas lines needed–just plug it in to any 100 volt outlet.  It’s also economical to operate, costing only five cents per day.

Made in Denmark, the Monet woodstove is beautifully proportioned.  Perfectly round and nearly equally divided into two parts, it has a small footprint (less than 24 inches!) which gives lots of placement flexibility.  It does require a flue but, on the flip side, Monet has an 81 percent efficiency burn rating and is also available in a three-part design that includes a wood-burning oven on top for baking bread, pizza and casseroles. That’s worth putting in a flue.