Won’t You Be My Valentine?

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and as we all know, it can be the sweetest day of the year if you plan things right.  So now’s the time to channel your inner-Cupid and focus on how to woo your honey in style.

You can write a love sonnet (or at least a five word ditty) with Chalkboard Hearts on a String ($7.99).  Buy two sets–one for you, one for your valentine–then see who can pen the most romantic words.

Everything about the Starburst basket ($42) tugs at the heart.  Handcrafted from raffia and reed by a cooperative of women in Uganda, it’s part of the Women’s Peace Collection, an enterprise that helps women in war-torn parts of the world rebuild their lives and start businesses that support their families and villages.  Fill this basket with chocolates, candles, a romantic CD and a card detailing this basket’s origins for a heart-warming moment.

Lower the lights, pop in a movie and put a romantic spin on snacking with this red haute Cast Iron Fondue set ($39.95) that’s sized right for two.  Set up a DIY snack bar with sliced fruit, caramels, marshmallows, mini cookies and pretzel sticks, then dip each and every piece in warm, melted chocolate.

Many a romance has blossomed over a good laugh and Twister ($16.99) will deliver that. This mid-century game is winning over a whole new generation of fans who appreciate its simple approach to fun.  So get with it and twist the night away.