Giddy for Green

Green’s always been a designer favorite and for good reason. It colors up any room without going overboard and works well with every hue in the color wheel. Now that Pantone’s dubbed emerald its “It” color for 2013, chances are everything will be greening up as far as the eye can see and especially here at home.

Whether you’re ready to embrace green with all your might or just a wee bit, here are some cool ways to add this lush hue to your home:

Vintage green glass dog bottle

Vintage bottles like this dog-shaped one are easy finds at flea markets and garage sales so keep your eyes open for ones in fun shapes and interesting sizes.  Group them together to form a collection.  Line them up along the window sill and they’ll make your walls dance with light as the sun shines in.

Who needs lettuce when the Ocean Glimpse plate adds a touch of green to mealtime with its emerald hued border?

Green:white chevron tile

Always seemed to me that the path to Oz’s emerald city was mis-colored. Instead of a yellow brick road, what about a pretty one tiled in a green and white chevron pattern?

Emerald may be this year’s haute hue but the editors of Domino (the magazine I still miss most!) pegged it a few years ago.  I want this emerald velvet sofa and so should you!


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